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The Louis Pradel Hospital, Lyon France

The Louis Pradel hospital also called Cardio is a hospital of the civil hospices of Lyon (public) located in Bron, in the Lyon ara, in the eastern hospital group.

Morbihan Nuclear Medicine Center (CMNM), Vannes and Lorient France

The Morbihan Nuclear Medicine Center (CMNM) is a private group based in Lorient and  Vannes.

Centre Georges-François Leclerc, France

The Georges Francois Leclerc Center (CGFL) is one of the 20 cancer centers in the UNICANCER network.

Latest Journal Spotlight

High-Quality Brain Perfusion SPECT Images may be achieved with ​ a High-Speed Recording Using 360° CZT Camera​

High-Quality Brain Perfusion SPECT Images may be achieved with a High-Speed Recording Using 3600CZT Camera


Focus Field of View is a unique technology first introduced with Spectrum’s D-SPECT Cardiac CZT System. It is also a key feature of VERITON-CT SPECT/CT Scanner: focus on the organ of interest for improved spatial resolution and count sensitivity.

Tracheobronchitis Signs Observed on Ventilation Lung Scintigraphy During the Course of COVID-19 Infection​

Not only lung parenchyma but also the endothelial lining of the respiratory track, are vulnerable to SARS-CoV2 infection, due to high ACE2 receptor expression (i.e. this receptor constitutes the gateway into the body for the virus).“ – from Professor Pierre-Yves Marie, MD, PhD at Hospital Center University of Nancy, France.

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Nov 28- Dec 2, 2021

RSNA 2021 Chicago

Sept 30- Oct 3 2021

ASNC Virtual Event

Oct. 23-27 2021

EANM Virtual Event

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Spectrum Dynamics Receives Approval from Health Canada for VERITON-CT64 Digital SPECT/CT

Approval provides access to the first and only 64-slice volumetric CT digital SPECT/CT in the market, technology for routine total body 3D imaging in nuclear medicine departments.

Spectrum Dynamics Named Vizient Pediatric Provider for VERITON-CT Digital SPECT/CT

Agreement Offers Increased Savings to Health Organizations Nationwide for New Generation Imaging in Nuclear Medicine: Digital SPECT/CT

Finally, Digital Myocardial Perfusion Imaging That’s Within Reach: SPECT CZT Technology Just Became More Accessible

New SPECT solution from Spectrum Dynamics offers the first affordable entry point to CZT digital technology – and the ability to upgrade when the time is right.