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June 11-15 2021

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High-Quality Brain Perfusion SPECT Images may be achieved with ​ a High-Speed Recording Using 360° CZT Camera​

High-Quality Brain Perfusion SPECT Images may be achieved with a High-Speed Recording Using 3600CZT Camera


Focus Field of View is a unique technology first introduced with Spectrum’s D-SPECT Cardiac CZT System. It is also a key feature of VERITON-CT SPECT/CT Scanner: focus on the organ of interest for improved spatial resolution and count sensitivity.

Tracheobronchitis Signs Observed on Ventilation Lung Scintigraphy During the Course of COVID-19 Infection​

Not only lung parenchyma but also the endothelial lining of the respiratory track, are vulnerable to SARS-CoV2 infection, due to high ACE2 receptor expression (i.e. this receptor constitutes the gateway into the body for the virus).“ – from Professor Pierre-Yves Marie, MD, PhD at Hospital Center University of Nancy, France.

Prognostic Value of Early Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Reserve​ During Regadenoson Stress Solid-State SPECT MPI​

The recent emergence of solid-state SPECT camera systems resulted in significant improvements in count sensitivity and diagnostic accuracy for CAD allowing shorter acquisition times to facilitate early post-stress imaging.

The Louis Pradel Hospital, Lyon France

The Louis Pradel hospital also called Cardio is a hospital of the civil hospices of Lyon (public) located in Bron, in the Lyon ara, in the eastern hospital group.

Morbihan Nuclear Medicine Center (CMNM), Vannes and Lorient France

The Morbihan Nuclear Medicine Center (CMNM) is a private group based in Lorient and  Vannes.

Centre Georges-François Leclerc, France

The Georges Francois Leclerc Center (CGFL) is one of the 20 cancer centers in the UNICANCER network.

MyHealth Centre, Canada

MyHealth Centre has invested in cutting-edge diagnostics tools such as Spectrum D-SPECT Scanner for digital cardiac imaging in order to reduce wait times for diagnostic procedure.  

Emory University Hospital Midtown, Atlanta, USA

We said goodbye to our original Spectrum Dynamics D-SPECT this week, and welcomed our newest edition: the brand new, next generation D-SPECT Cardio.  

Linköping University Hospital – Sweden

Nordic region’s first VERITON-CT, next generation 360CZT SPECT/CT is now available at the University Hospital in Linköping. “The technology provides more gentle patient examinations and images that improve diagnostics…” says Magnus Janzon, Manager for the Heart Center in the Östergötland Region. 

Hospital Center University of Caen, France

The University Center of Caen Normandie is the first hospital in the world to be equipped with the CZT-CT 3D total body camera (VERITON®). State-of-the-art equipment that enables a patient’s entire body image to be taken in one shot.

Nancy Regional and University Hospital Center (CHRU), France

The Regional and University Hospital Center (“CHRU”) of Nancy, France counts 9,000 professionals for more than forty medical and surgical specialties.

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford United Kingdom

Dr Sergei Pavlitchouk, Nuclear Cardiology Services Clinical Lead, said “We really wanted this camera because the quality and resolution of the scans is much higher and as it’s more sensitive equipment, scanning takes less time”.

Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust – United Kingdom

Digital Technology in Nuclear Medicine: Not just for sensitivity and resolution, but for improved patient patient experience and clinical outcomes

Reversible perfusion defect in hypertrophied papillary muscle on ​ Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: The “filled doughnut sign”​

Reversible perfusion defect in hypertrophied papillary muscle on Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: The “filled doughnut sign”

Identification and typing of cardiac amyloidosis by non-invasive imaging: ​ Two cases for two patterns

Identification and typing of cardiac amyloidosis by non-invasive imaging: Two cases for two patterns

Spectrum Dynamics Receives Approval from Health Canada for VERITON-CT64 Digital SPECT/CT

Approval provides access to the first and only 64-slice volumetric CT digital SPECT/CT in the market, technology for routine total body 3D imaging in nuclear medicine departments.

Spectrum Dynamics Named Vizient Pediatric Provider for VERITON-CT Digital SPECT/CT

Agreement Offers Increased Savings to Health Organizations Nationwide for New Generation Imaging in Nuclear Medicine: Digital SPECT/CT

Finally, Digital Myocardial Perfusion Imaging That’s Within Reach: SPECT CZT Technology Just Became More Accessible

New SPECT solution from Spectrum Dynamics offers the first affordable entry point to CZT digital technology – and the ability to upgrade when the time is right.

New Patient-Centered Innovations for Streamlined Cardiac Perfusion Imaging Is Here – And Means Big Benefits to Patients and Clinicians

Scanning patients for stress is unavoidable – the actual process is not. New capabilities for D-SPECT® Digital Cardiac Scanners mean improved image quality, potential 30-minute, stress-only scanning, and utilization of existing workflow – no additional scans required.

A Message from Spectrum Dynamics Medical: Update to COVID-19

Healthcare providers managing patients during the COVID-19 pandemic are confronting new and unique operational and business challenges.

Spectrum Dynamics Medical Lawsuit Against GE Allowed to Continue; Jury Trial May Proceed

udge denies both attempts by GE requesting dismissal of technology misappropriation lawsuit filed by Spectrum Dynamics regarding its VERITON® digital scanner unique technology.